Cousin’s Grubhouse a sign of life in ‘South Philly’s Wild West’

The breakfast/lunch joint Cousin’s Grubhouse, which we told you was revamped in March 2013, got some much-deserved praise in the City Paper last week.

Cousin's Grubhouse

Reviewer Adam Erace says the place, at 2340 S. Hemberger St., on West Passyunk near 23rd Street, is making “foodie baby steps for a bacon, egg and cheese crowd.” He liked the pancakes, pulled pork, biscuits and more, but he noted that the restaurant is doing more than just serving good food:

Though the food is terrific and the prices dirt cheap, Grubhouse is almost more important for what it represents for this neighborhood, where the nearby corners host Philip’s Steaks, Dati’s Water Ice and the kind of nail salons with Gina Gershon-in-Cocktail faces emblazoned on the signs and windows.

Things are percolating here in South Philly’s Wild West, thanks to businesses like Miss Rachel’s Pantry, the Taproom on 19th, Café con Chocolate and JR’s, a bar where I used to drink Captain and Cokes when I was in high school and that now does underground punk shows. Cousin’s Grubhouse has joined this cohort, forging unexplored territory in the Red Gravy Belt.

The whole thing is worth a read. Check it out here.