Catering business coming to the old Langostino at Front and Morris?

UPDATE (4/10/14):  Dr. James Moylan, President of the Pennsport Civic Association, has confirmed that a catering service geared toward school breakfast and lunch will be coming to this location. There will be no take-out or food sold on premises and they will keep limited day-time hours.


ORIGINAL POST (4/3/14): It looks like there will be a new catering business on the corner of Front and Morris streets, if the vague message on a haphazardly hung orange zoning sticker is any indication.

Front and Morris: Just look at that wide sidewalk (Photo: James Jennings)

Officially located at 100 Morris Street, the new catering business will operate out of the former Langostino’s Restaurant, which has been closed for a few years. Given the vague description on the orange sticker — “The permit for the food, beverages, and groceries (caterer)” — it’s unclear if it will strictly be outbound catering or if food will be sold directly to patrons out of the store.

There has been a lot of action on Front Street in the past few months. First, the old Norman’s Furniture warehouse went up for sale.  Most recently, homes and businesses up and down Front Street have been hit hard by taggers.

Said orange sticker (Photo: James Jennings)
Said orange sticker (Photo: James Jennings)

What is clear is that people seemed to enjoy Langostino’s while it lasted. With the positive reviews, solid location, and wide sidewalks, we’re slightly surprised a cafe or restaurant didn’t take over this space. Anyway, it goes before the ZBA on April 8, so we will know more on or around that date.

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  • April 4, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    Why don’t they put a Thai takeout joint or a cheap beer distributor here??

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