First Pics: Green Aisle Grocery opens second location in former juice bar

Sadly, !Juice! didn’t last long at 2241 Grays Ferry Ave. But it may be a net gain for the neighborhood as East Passyunk’s Green Aisle Grocery opened its second location in the former juice bar.

Owner Adam Erace said the new location is 1,000 square feet, about four times the size of the original at 1618 East Passyunk Ave. The bigger space also lets Erace and company spread its wings a bit. The Grays Ferry location has a kitchen to prepare foods such as salads, preserves, pickles, nut butters, hot sauce and more. Eventually, Erace plans on selling the prepared foods at the Passyunk store, as well.

“It will give us space to produce our private label line,” Erace said.

The new branch is 1,000 square feet.
The new branch is 1,000 square feet.


This new store sells everything the Passyunk branch does except for a couple differences. The main difference is they sell scoops of Little Baby’s ice cream, whereas the Passyunk Green Aisle sells only pints.

Green Aisle Grocery sells scoops of Little Baby's ice cream now.


Nut butters are part of Green Aisle's label line.

This Green Aisle Grocery also sells Smackaroons from Rittenhouse, cookies from Baker’s Jar, Poi Dog snacks and bread from Wild Flour Bakery and Ric’s Bread …

Wild Flour makes bread for the store.

… as well as bitters, handmade mixers, household cleaning products and Dr. Bronner’s soaps.

Green Aisle Grocery sells Bittermens bitters.

They also sell a variety of flavors in Fee Brothers Bitters.

Visit the Green Aisle Grocery’s website to see more of what they sell and where it comes from.

– Ruthann Alexander, @RuthannAlexande