EPX civic expands boundaries east to 6th Street

The East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association has voted to expand its eastern boundary from 8th Street to 6th, rounding up a sliver of South Philly that we once called a civic no-man’s land.


EPX civic president Joseph F. Marino said the measure was unanimously approved at the group’s general membership meeting last month. “They needed to have representation in that neighborhood for zoning and all the other quality of life issues, because there’s strength in numbers,” Marino said. “Sometimes if one or two people are complaining, they don’t get the attention they need.”

The new boundaries are Broad to 6th, Tasker to Snyder.

“When these neighborhoods are not looked at by neighbors for zoning matters, they’re pushed through by developers,” Marino said. “And that zoning sticks with the building forever.”

Another group was certified in March as a registered community organization (RCO) to handle zoning, the Seventh Street Community Civic Association, but the group doesn’t handle other civic association duties, like cleaning, greening and other quality of life issues. We reached out to two members of that organization for comment but haven’t yet heard back.

Marino said the expansion process began about 18 months ago with conversations among all the neighboring civic associations. The Pennsport Civic Association’s western border is 4th Street, and Dickinson Square West Civic Association goes between 4th and 6th, Washington to Mifflin. Even with EPX’s expansion, four square blocks are still uncovered (Mifflin to Snyder, 4th to 6th).

DSCWA President Ted Savage said there have been discussions whether to expand south to Snyder to provide civic representation to the last remaining part of South Philly that doesn’t have it. The discussions had begun shortly before we reported on a house at 7th and McKean that was being split up into several apartments.

EPX’s expansion still needs to be formally approved by the city, but residents of that part of the neighborhood have already been attending EPX meetings, Marino said. The civic is reapplying as an RCO with its new boundaries. 

If you live in that area and want to get involved, find out more information by going to EPX’s website here.

2 thoughts on “EPX civic expands boundaries east to 6th Street

  • May 21, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Thats nice. Now expand another block south to Jackson in the blocks west of either 10th or 11th… “LoMo” is weak and unappealing..

  • May 23, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    Looking forward to contributing to the Vincent Fumo Fundraiser.

    South Phila.’s favorite son gave the Cartels many opportunities
    to launder money and he truly inspired an amazing Renaissance.

    Vince’s Statue at the Singing Fountains should be a great reminder
    of his great efforts to revitalize Passyunk Ave and South Phila.

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