First Pics: Koliyan dessert shop and Peddler Coffee open together at 806 S. 6th St.

Rich of Peddler and Anna of Koliyan outside their new shared space
Rich of Peddler and Anna Hitchens of Koliyan outside their new shared space

There is some new life in the former Golosa dessert space in Queen Village.

Tim and Anna Hitchens of Koliyan Cambodian Foods share the space at 806 S. 6th Street with their friends Zac James and Rich Kessler of Peddler Coffee. While the shop is still a bit of a work in progress at the moment, the idea is simple: fuse Koliyan’s home made, delicious Cambodian treats and sauces with Peddler’s expertly roasted (and equally delicious) coffee. At this point, however, the desserts (all vegan and gluten free) aren’t always for sale, though the coffee shop is going full force.

Hitchens described the space as “largely collaborative” and encouraged makers and creatives to come to the shop and join what the crew has started to call “the 806 Experiment” to help establish a community.

Kessler said that they hope to host roasting and brewing courses in the future and would eventually like to invite “guest barristers” from local roasters to spread the coffee love. For now, the Peddler guys just want to keep it simple. “It’s hot coffee and cold coffee, that’s it. There’s always coffee, so come in and hangout,” said Kessler, who along with James pedal custom bicycles with refrigeration systems to bring the coffee around town. “They are the most coffee-centric people I have ever met,” said Tim Hitchens in an email.

“This space is an experiment and test kitchen for me,” said Anna Hitchens, who started selling her desserts at Franklin Flea and other markets. The treats and sauces are not always available for retail at the shop as of yet, they are made there and Anna encourages everyone to simply “come in and have a taste if I have a batch.”

The genesis for Koliyan came after Tim and Anna honeymooned in Cambodia. Being of Cambodian descent, Anna began to reconnect with her culture and found herself whipping up some of her grandmother’s old recipes. Much like the guys from Peddler, Anna has big plans for the space and hopes to eventually host ticketed dinners around a communal table.

You can, however, contact Anna for special orders here: Check out the website here.

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2 thoughts on “First Pics: Koliyan dessert shop and Peddler Coffee open together at 806 S. 6th St.

  • June 24, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    It’s a coffee shop with no seating?

    • June 28, 2014 at 10:14 pm

      Allison, the shop is very much in flux at the moment. However, there is a bench made out of large burlap bag filled with coffee beans and a bench underneath the beautiful windowsill will lots of natural light. More seating is on the way.

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