Ginger Snap’s Grocery opens as the Italian Market’s first organic stand

A little organic grocer called Ginger Snap’s Grocery has opened in Italian Market, the first sign of the 9th Street institution’s recently announced effort to attract a wider variety of merchants.

Ginger Snap's (2)
Photos provided by Dorrie Gilbert.

Back in January, the market’s business association took over management of the stalls from the city with the intention of plugging up the holes in stands in front of vacant stores. Ginger Snap’s sits on a newly constructed stand in front of the vacant 907 S. 9th St., near Anthony’s coffee shop.

Owner Dorrie Gilbert says she’s selling a variety of organic produce, as well as products such as honey, pickles and chocolate sauce. “There were a variety of things that attracted me to the market. I want to live and work in the neighborhood that I live, and I see great potential in the Italian Market,” Gilbert told us in an email. “A bit of variety thrown into the mix is just what this business corridor needs.”

Ginger Snap's

The South 9th Street Business Association took over management of the market to try to fill empty stalls, which account for about half of the market’s 160 stands between Christian and Federal streets. They are hoping to attract other food vendors, but also craft sellers and other merchants who may want to use the relatively cheap stall space as a starting point to a traditional retail business.

Gilbert said her stand is an incubator and that she’d ultimately like to have a brick and mortar store in conjunction with the stand. The hours for now are Thursday through Sunday 10 – 6, which could change.

If you want to apply for a stand, you can download Word documents of the application by clicking here and get information on the particulars here.


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  • June 26, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    I know a Honduran refugee who likes the organic corn.

    Very popular with his new friends on Rittenhouse Square.

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