Moyamensing business complex with brewery presented to Pennsport neighbors

The Pennsport Civic Association heard a presentation Tuesday night to convert the former eModa warehouse at Moyamensing and Moore streets into space for seven businesses, including a nanobrewery by Mellody Brewing.

Renderings via Curbed Philly
Renderings via Curbed Philly

Curbed Philly attended the meeting and broke down the plan and its vocal opposition from some of the neighbors over, you guessed it, parking.

Says Curbed:

The building, which is currently one huge wall of stucco, would be designed to look like seven separate businesses to breathe some life into the corner. So far, Mellody Brewing is the only tenant to come on aboard. However, Alex Duller mentioned that there is “serious” interest from multiple local business owners contingent upon the re-zoning of the property [to commercial use from residential].

Mellody brewing design2

Duller mentioned interest from a yoga studio, coffee shop and small grocer. But the highlight of the meeting was from brewer and Queen Village resident Sean Mellody, who discussed his plans for a seven-barrel brewery, like you’d find in Iron Hill or Nodding Head (and yes, that was the brewer we heard about eyeing this place almost two years ago):

Mellody’s main focus will be distribution of his suds to local restaurants and beer distributors, with on-site sales for those who wish to dabble in the various styles of craft beer he’ll have to offer. The “tasting room” would have limited hours (4pm to 7pm) throughout the week and mainly serve as a vehicle for growler and take out service. “I don’t want to be in the business of running a bar … I want the brewery to be a part of the neighborhood,” he said.

The current state of affairs
The current state of affairs

Curbed has several more details, including that of a vision by the Pennsport civic to turn Moyamensing into more of a commercial boulevard and a few residents’ wish that the developers tear down part of this building for surface parking. Find the whole story here.

So, what do you think of the plan?


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  • June 27, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    This neighborhood is completely devoid of amenities, and we’re complaining about parking? Serious priorities issue.

    Add some businesses worth having and our neighborhood will become a vibrant and desirable area.

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