Newbold Neighbors Assn. launches porch-light safety campaign

The Newbold Neighbors Association has its eye on improving safety in the neighborhood with a simple solution — by encouraging residents to leave their porch lights on overnight.

Newbold neighbors civic2

Paul Knese, of the civic’s public safety committee, said the “Light’s On Point Breeze” initiative “will be an ongoing message to do something really simple on your block that greatly matters.”

Knese said one of the committee’s duties is to attend the Police Department’s police service area meetings to report back, but they were looking to see if what they could do to prevent crime and enhance public safety. “So we asked at all the PSA meetings that we attended what the attitude is about well- lit houses,” Knese said. “And they are so enthusiastic, 110 percent behind it.”

Knese said they calculated the cost for lighting a 75 watt CFL bulb for 12 hours a day, every day: less than $9 all year.

“Well-lit streets give the feeling of greater safety, livability and friendliness,” he said.

The goal is to get at least 30 percent of households leaving their lights on by the end of the year.

For more information about the civic, or to get involved with its safety committee, check out their website here.