Cochon owner to open Square Pie in former Blue Belly BBQ space at 6th & Catharine

The tiny Blue Belly corner storefront at 600 Catharine St. will soon be home to a pizza place called Square Pie.


The Insider reports that the owner, Gene Giuffi, who also owns the BYOB Cochon around the corner, comes from a Brooklyn family of pizza makers, so he settled on that as he was trying to come up with a new concept for the shuttered barbecue joint.

Reports the blog:

Expect Square Pie, opening in October, to sell squares of Sicilian pizza, as well as pastas and entrees. There’s a tiny dining room and counter for eat-in, and he’ll offer takeout. … Since Giuffi and his wife, Amy, own Cochon across the way, he will incorporate such hand-made porcine delights as roast suckling pig in his Square Pie work.

They’re aiming to open next month.