Spot the Philly Bike Share stickers and speak up about potential locations

Philly Bike Share recently released a map of 100 proposed locations for the initial wave of kiosk installation in the spring of next year.

Here are the street stickers made by Mural Arts
Here are the street stickers made by Mural Arts

With your help, the list will ultimately be trimmed to 60 permanent spots. To get an idea of where these stations will be set up, the City of Philadelphia has begun placing large stickers on the ground to catch your attention. You know what has caught ours?

There are no locations planned south of Morris Street — including LoMo and Pennsport.

Currently, there are 20 stations in various locations in South Philly, including three on East Passyunk Avenue at Morris Street, Reed Street and just off of the Avenue on Federal Street. Head over to the interactive map for the rest of the planned locations.

The city is also asking for your help. If you’d like to see a Philly Bike Share station near you, simply tell them. The LoMo Civic Association is asking you to email the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities.¬†Another option is to go into the interactive map and take a brief survey by clicking on one of the locations.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for those large stickers. They could be the site of a Philly Bike Share Station in the near future. From a press release:

Please be on the lookout for bike share medallions on the city sidewalks as well. The artwork was created in partnership with the Mural Arts program and features a phone number to which community members can quickly text their reaction to the station location via a short survey. Sidewalk art also contains a link to the City’s website for further information.

All comments and surveys need to be completed by Oct. 20.