UPDATE: Guinn mural at Manton Street Park & Community Garden to be ready by early November

UPDATE: The new mural will be dedicated on Nov. 15 at a ceremony at Manton Street Park and Community Garden from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. There will be refreshments available and guest speakers. Jane Golden, Executive Director of Mural Arts, is tentatively scheduled to speak. Artist David Guinn will also be on hand to present the colorful mural.

The park is located on the northwest corner of 4th and Manton St. in Pennsport/Dickinson Square West.

ORIGINAL STORY: Philadelphia artist David Guinn is installing a colorful mural that will soon overlook Manton Street Park & Community Garden (MSCG) on the edge of Pennsport/Dickinson Square West.

Mural on Manton St. in progress (Photo via David Guinn)

Guinn told us that he is looking to have it completed “in the beginning of November.”  Here’s what it will look like once Guinn’s vision is realized:

According to a sign hung on the fence of the garden, Guinn secured independent funding to paint a mural in the neighborhood, while the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia generously provided the lift and the paint.

Guinn’s murals are enjoyed all over the city, particularly his Four Seasons motifs. “The mural is an abstract composition representing the energy of the gardeners at MSCG and the spirit if the neighborhood,” said Guinn. “Huge overlapping brushstrokes of bright transparent color capture the spontaneous feeling of a watercolor painting on a large scale.”

Mark Berman, President of MSCG, said the owner of the house adjacent to the garden was “enthusiatic” about the idea when the group first approached them with the idea for a mural. “It’s such a unique mural and really matches the energy of our group and the garden.”

While it’s still in its early stages, Guinn mentioned that he’s been enjoying his time around the garden. “I am really thrilled to be working at 4th and Manton. It’s a great community to be part of for a little while and quiet beautiful spot to be in during the day.”

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