Have you seen this adorable black Lab named Louie? Maybe it’ll get you $3,000

Owner J.J. Pierce was shopping at Home Depot in Pennsport on Oct. 9 when her Honda CR-V was stolen. That’s terrible enough.

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What made it heart-breaking was Louie, an insanely adorable 2-year old black Lab mix with a white patch on his chest, was also inside the car as Pierce made a quick stop inside to make a copy of her house keys. After nearly a month of searching, Louie is still missing and now there’s a hefty $3,000 reward for those who can bring Louie back home.

It certainly hasn’t been for lack of effort. Ms. Pierce has set up a highly active and engaging Facebook Page called Help Bring Louie Home and has already set up three “Looking for Louie” events at Hawthorne Park at 12th and Catharine St. As of this morning, that page has over almost 12,000 “likes” and update posts routinely see over 1,000 “likes” each accompanied by hundreds of comments.

According to the Facebook Page, potential leads have been all over the region and even the state, going as far a Pittsburgh. Neighbors have banded together to flier just about every telephone pole in the city looking to catch the break that brings Louie home. They’ve even bought ad space on various digital billboards around the city, including Delaware Ave. and Poplar St.

The car was found on the 3600 block of N. Darien St. in N. Philadelphia on Oct. 14. Sadly, Louie wasn’t inside. Here’s the most recent Facebook post from Help Bring Louie Home:

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Louie are urged to contact Philadelphia’s 3rd District Police or J.J. Pierce directly through the Help Bring Louie Home Facebook Page.


3 thoughts on “Have you seen this adorable black Lab named Louie? Maybe it’ll get you $3,000

  • November 3, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    I hope she finds him. Related question and forgive my ignorance, what is “microchipping” for, if not to locate dogs? It could be something totally different, but I assumed it was for tracking.

    • November 3, 2014 at 6:45 pm

      You’re right, it is for tracking. But it’s not a GPS but rather a chip that identifies a dog once it’s found, as in if it’s brought to the pound.

  • November 22, 2014 at 10:04 am

    In case folks haven’t heard, Louie was found safe last night and was reunited with his owner. The story (what is known so far) is on social media, and the networks broadcasted the story last night at 10 & 11. YAY!!!

    Regarding microchips, indeed, it is a chip containing owner information and unique ID#, imbedded under the skin. To check for a microchip a found animal needs to be taken to a veterinarian or clinic or shelter and scanned — takes less than a minute and is always free to scan. A microchip is NOT a tracking device! There are tracking devices, which can be worn on a collar, but these are generally not affordable. The microchip ID costs about $20 at most low-cost pet clinics, and is permanent. After the chip is implanted the owner needs to register the microchip# and contact info with a microchip organization.

    If your cat or dog does not have a microchip I urge you to get one — sooner than later. Nearly all pets go missing at some point in their lives, and microchipping can make the difference between getting your pet back or not. Collars and tags are also crucial and should be worn all the time – cats and dogs. Never take off a dog’s collar (with tags) indoors.

    Keep your pets safe! And it really is a good idea never to leave a pet unattended in a car, even for a few minutes. Louie is a very lucky dog to be back with his mom today!

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