Spotted: Pastificio is selling turkey shaped balls of mozzarella for Thanksgiving

Yes, we’re serious and here’s proof!

Gobble! (via Instagram)
Gobble! (via Instagram)

Eater Philly found out that Pastificio, a favorite deli/sandwich shop located next to Chickie’s and Pete’s at 1528 Packer Ave., is selling the glorious gobs of turkey-shaped mozzarella cheese this Thanksgiving season. Now, for the important question: How much does one cost?

We called up Pastificio and found out you’ll get “over a pound” of mozzarella in each grate-able gobbler. They’re being sold for $15/each and will be available until Thanksgiving. We’ve seen turkey-shaped chocolates before and even considered baking a Turducken, but this is taking Thanksgiving to a whole ‘nother level.

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