Appeal for waterfront AAA in Pennsport denied, what now?

Apparently, the Zoning Board of Adjustment doesn’t like the idea of a waterfront AAA auto service/retail center at 1601 S. Columbus Blvd., either.

Here's a look at the AAA plan. (via PlanPhilly)
Here’s a look at the AAA plan. (via PlanPhilly)

PlanPhilly reports that AAA’s appeal to have their permits reinstated, after L+I revoked them back in March, was recently denied by the ZBA. The future of the vacant lot just south of the former Foxwoods Casino site is surrounded in uncertainty.

You may recall that it’s a confusing story about how it got to this in the first place. Permits were granted one day before the new Central Delaware Waterfront zoning overlay came into effect, causing confusion what land uses are allowed east of Columbus Blvd. and what procedures are needed to obtain the permits.  Here’s how PlanPhilly explains it:

It turned out that even though the use itself wasn’t prohibited at the time the overlay was filed, it was required to go through a Plan of Development approval with the City Planning Commission. And the applicants hadn’t done that.

AAA then went through the Plan of Development review, figuring that if the proposal got the Planning Commission’s approval, the permit issue would be a moot point. But the Planning Commission didn’t approve the Plan of Development. And then L&I revoked the permit

Which brings us to this current appeal. The ZBA ruled against the AAA plan, even though they claimed to have “vested rights” in the property due to knocking down a few buildings on the site and clearing the land.

AAA will appeal the decision to the Court of Common Pleas.

It’s certainly another waterfront story to follow. We know the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation is busy developing the trail from Washington Ave. Pier down to Pier 68. There is also that not-so-little future development at the former Foxwoods site, which is now (again?) owned by Bart Blatstein.

2 thoughts on “Appeal for waterfront AAA in Pennsport denied, what now?

  • December 2, 2014 at 3:46 am

    Yeah a AAA wasn’t a very inspiring addition to begin with… Next idea?

  • December 2, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    CDAG lives in a fantasy world in which no one will need a car. For people to live in the waterfront, they will have need for a car to get to places such as work and to do household errands. CDAG wants absolute control on what gets built and what does not get built on their little waterfront fiefdom. AAA is legally entitled to build on the site. Now the courts will have to resolve this mess caused by gutless politicians too afraid to challenge CDAG.

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