Pick one of these South Philly organizations for us to give $500

moneyAll the nominations have been tallied, and it’s time to vote for which South Philly-based organization should get the proceeds from our $500 bet with HughE Dillon of PhillyChiatChat about the Wegmans that wasn’t meant to be.

To recap, we put out a call for suggestions last week in the comments on this site on our Facebook page, and on Twitter, and we’ve narrowed the list down to these five worth causes. So, which one deserves the donation?

We have another poll running on our Facebook page, and both will be open until Monday Dec. 8 at noon. That’s when we’ll tally up the responses from both polls. We’ll announce the winner next week.

Ready, set. Vote!

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(Editor’s Note: Despite a well-organized effort by supporters of the Philly Free School to get on the ballot, we decided to not include it as one of the options. The decision was based on the school’s status as a tuition-based, private institution and has nothing to do with its mission, location or anything else. Sorry, folks.)


15 thoughts on “Pick one of these South Philly organizations for us to give $500

  • December 3, 2014 at 9:33 am

    Why no QOTA??

  • December 6, 2014 at 6:55 am

    Give it to EPCCA any money that is supposed to go to schools in this city is put into someones pocket.

    • December 7, 2014 at 11:27 am

      Both of the school group in the running are unpaid community efforts to support our local schools. Money would go into the pockets of, e.g. Staples owners when we do things like buy paper, or local contractors and laborers when we upgrade our Multipurpose rooms. Both were founded in part to make sure needed funds could get to the school as efficiently and directly as possible.

  • December 6, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    Really, we can’t figure out who deserves $500 there? It’s a toss up between the people whose tax abatements bankrupted the schools or one of two schools?

    For most people I should think the obvious solution is that each school should get $250.

    Seriously, a food CO-OP. Not a food BANK, which could really use $500, but a food CO-OP to help yuppies buy organic kale?! Is this The Onion?

    And to anonymous coward commenter ‘c’mon’ – ALL money is ‘put into someone’s pocket.’ What I’d like to know is why you think that non-governmental civic associations that exist to attempt to maintain bubble value for overpriced housing ‘need’ $500 more than schools whose budgets have been shredded to ribbons for the express purpose of blowing that housing bubble.

    I would love any ‘civic association’ member or officer to explain why they ‘need’ $500 more than Philadelphia schools. It seems mighty import for them to be pushing people to hit that Vote button. Something to be proud of on the deathbed, eh?

    • December 8, 2014 at 7:41 am

      Christopher, its your Mother.

      I did not raise you to be so filled with hate. I remember when you were in diapers and had exposive diahrrea and I told you to put love in your heart. And you did, so make me proud and be sure wipe twice like your doctor told you regarding your IBS.



      • December 8, 2014 at 2:09 pm

        It takes a real punk ass coward to wreck someone and use “Mrs. Randolph” as a username to riducule his point. Why not offer some counterpoints to Chris’ argument? Instead you gotta sling insults… For a group of readers who consider themselves “The New South Philly”.., there’s a real old back ally street vibe to the discourse… If Chris Randolph met the person who posted that remark in the street, he should punch them right in the throat. But he never will, because whoever posted it is an internet tough guy/girl… Using someone’s mother’s name as a username.. Reall classy.

        I think the money, which is a small drop in the bucket anyway, should find its way to improve a school. If all of you newcomers plan on having kids, its a pretty good bet that not ALL of you will afford private school in the burbs and busses to take them there.. More efforts to raise money for schools in our neighborhoods should be at the forefront of discussions. Improving schools will improve our neighborhoods way more than some stinkin forced pavement redesigns…

        • December 12, 2014 at 7:41 am

          You just couldn’t resist tainting your smart comment about schools and public safety with a thinly veiled complaint about the pavement at 16th and Passyunk.

          • December 12, 2014 at 8:35 am

            @spf5000: he’s just fixated on corner bump-outs because Nona ProvWitout spent so much time “working” on them…

            • December 12, 2014 at 3:51 pm

              For those of you who don’t understand the EYE-TALIAN language AntG is using.. ‘Nona’ means Grandmother in British… LoL

              I get ganged up on a lot on these comments pages… People use fake emails to make fake posts as me all the time using the ProvWitout handle.. And thats whatever.. Corny… But its one of many stupid tactics by those that can’t assemble a reasoned argument.. Its all good.

              But AnthonyG slinging insults about people’s grandmothers and numerous other uncivil and insulting barbs…? Barely any blowback… I hope it isn’t an indicator of the moral fiber (or lack there of) of the commenters on this site…

  • December 6, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    And it will somehow stay out of somebody’s pocket if you give it to a civic association?

  • December 9, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Hi, I am a member of the East Passyunk Crossing Civic and would be happy to reply. I am not sure what the issues with Civic are, so I cannot address those specifically. All of these causes are great and hopefully you found the right one for you. I do want you to know that if you are passionate about education, the Civic does quite a bit of work with Southwark through our education committee. Here is a small sampling http://www.epcrossing.org/committees/education-committee/ Since you are passionate about education I assume you are already involved, however, if you find you have more time to donate you can always attend the meetings the first Monday of every month at the Neumann Goretti HS cafeteria. The education committee can always use more help. You can also come learn about how the civic uses their money including clean ups, donating to feed needy families, tree plantings, public safety and more.

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