Spotted: Storm water improvements at Dickinson Square Park

Have you seen the new sidewalk on Moyamensing Ave. and Morris St. at Dickinson Square Park?

New stormwater trench at Moyamensing and Morris
New stormwater trench at Moyamensing and Morris

More than a walkway, it’s actually a new storm water trench and bump out designed to prevent excess runoff and pollution from entering into our rivers.

The Philadelphia Water Department has been busy installing similar greening and storm water management systems around  the city. In South Philadelphia, you’ve seen them at Columbus Square, at E. Passyunk Ave. and Dickinson Street and 12th and Tasker St.

This is the second PWD infrastructure project at Dickinson Square Park this year.

Here’s what Christine Knapp, PWD’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Government Affairs, told us about the new improvements:

 We’ve installed a stormwater tree trench and a stormwater bump out, as well as a storage trench, in the area. This system will help us capture a little more than half an acre’s worth of stormwater runoff, keeping the pollution from running directly into our rivers.

There are three trenches in the design and two bridge-like paths between each trench.