You can thank Hawthorne’s when you get beer delivery in the near future

It’s official.


Beer delivery is now a thing in the state of Pennsylvania, thanks in part to the soon-to-be-open Hawthorne’s Beer Cafe at 11th and Fitzwater. Here’s the deal:

Restaurants can apply to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for a “transport for hire” license, which costs about $1,000. Once obtained, customers can order up to 192 ounces of beer (two six packs) to be delivered but must pay over the phone via debit or credit card. Proper I.D. is also required when the order is delivered.

Here’s the Hawthorne’s connection. You already know that they’re opening in the near future, new logo and all. Back in October, owners Chris Fetfatzes and Heather Annechiarico claimed to have an “ace up their sleeve” when the new and improved beer cafe opened. Given their connection to the beer delivery decision, they really did.

According to Danya Henninger of, Fetfazes wrote the PLCB in the fall to ask about the possibility of beer delivery. He told

“One of the clerks [at the LCB] I spoke with told me, ‘What you’re dealing with here is literally ground-breaking stuff,’ ” said Fetfatzes. “I’ve wanted to do [beer delivery] ever since we originally opened.”

Hawthorne’s doesn’t yet have the license, but it sure seems more like when rather than if they’ll get it. Not only was the PLCB’s original advisory opinion letter addressed to Fetfazes, they’re promoting “Hawthorne’s Quick Sip” on Facebook.