SEPTA developing next-arrival system for accurate ETA

We already know about SEPTA Key being implemented sometime in 2015, but the transportation authority’s improvements aren’t stopping there.

Riders transfer at City Hall station around 3:20 a.m. Image by Conrad Benner via Newsworks
Image by Conrad Benner via Newsworks

In addition to the snazzy new card system for transportation fare, SEPTA is planning to implement a new system which will allow commuters to view real-time arrival information for all of the transportation facets offered by SEPTA.

SEPTA’s current system, TransitView, does not update the arrival time information as frequently and relies strictly on a radio dispatch signals. With the new system, cellular modems would be installed on all SEPTA vehicles allowing for an accurate GPS location reading.

The first line to use this next-arrival system will be the Norristown High Speed Line before the system spreads to all of the other lines, including the Broad Street Line.

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Over the course of 2016, SEPTA will develop systems using the modems to pinpoint the vehicles’ locations and estimate next arrivals, and then send that data to its website, mobile apps and station schedule boards. Once the data systems are in place, new next arrival clocks will be installed on subway, trolley and regional rail platforms.

The wireless modems were already being installed as part of the SEPTA Key rollout. The authority’s engineers realized that the wireless technology provided an opportunity to improve on the current next arrival notification system, too.

What do you think of the changes coming soon to SEPTA?

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