South Bowl is opening soon, here’s what to expect on the menu

South Bowl, the new bowling and fun center coming to 19 E. Oregon Ave. from the owners of North Bowl, is opening very soon.

The future SouthBowl, pic via Naked Philly
The future SouthBowl, pic via Naked Philly 

While we know to expect plenty of fun from South Bowl thanks to the reputation of North Bowl, many of the details regarding the center have yet to come forth. But good news is, we now know a bit more of what to expect on the menu.

 Of course you’ll be able to grab a drink at South Bowl, but what snacks are there to complement those brews and late-night bowling outings?

According to this article from Food Junkets, the new co-sous chef, Jennifer Choplin, will be working with chef Todd Goldman and the other sous-chef, Mark McQuown, on the menu.

North Bowl’s menu consists of items ranging from healthier options like salads to loaded tater tots, mac and cheese and burgers. South Bowl’s menu will consist of much of the same.

Here’s what Choplin had to say to Food Junkets about the menu:

I’m going to be handling the pizza, but we’re both going to be doing it together. I’m going to have input in the kitchen. He’s going to have input in the pizza. The menu is going to be collaborative. Currently, the chef of North Bowl, Todd Goldman, myself, Mark, and Todd’s sous Stephanie Clark are putting together a menu. Me and Mark are going to be dual sous chefs with Todd overseeing both locations.

In case you missed it, here’s a sneak peak a the interior of South Bowl.

Are you excited for South Bowl?

2 thoughts on “South Bowl is opening soon, here’s what to expect on the menu

  • January 28, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    Its gonna be such a great addition to the neighborhood. SP hasn’t had a great place to bowl since Oregon Lanes got forced out of the strip mall at 24th & Passyunk. I’m not even much of a bowler myself. But nobody wants to build a bunch of high quality indoor basketball courts… So… Bring on the bowling lanes! LoL

    • February 9, 2015 at 6:51 pm

      They should build some nice indoor courts like the one they have at the Bellevue gym… Official size and NBA, College, and High School 3-point lines on the court for various ages and skill levels..

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