Hawthornes launches Quick Sip website for easy beer delivery throughout South Philly

Hawthornes has had quite a year. A fire forced the restaurant to close in February of 2014 and just in January, Hawthornes reopened, and even launched a cool new beer delivery service.


Back when they reopened in January, beer delivery was being offered, but only by phone and within a 10-block radius of Hawthornes. Now you can get beer delivery throughout South Philly–and can even order it through a new Quick Sip website from Hawthornes.

As of March 6, the option of beer delivery is being offered to those living in South Philly and Center City.

Hawthornes’ owner, Chris Fetfatzes, called Quick Sip a “neighborhood service, but on a citywide scale.”

The service has deliverymen on bikes, mopeds and cars to get your 6-packs delivered to you within an hour of ordering.

Quick Sip is being offered from noon through midnight. You can order a maximum of two six-packs.

You can check out Quick Sip’s website for more information–or, you know, if you’re in the mood for a quick beer delivery right about now.