New details on the new restaurant from the owners of Noord

Some details are emerging about the much-anticipated new restaurant from the owners of Noord, which according to Chef Joncarl Lachman, could be coming as soon as May.


The new restaurant is located at 943 S. 9th St. in the Italian Market and is going to serve North African cuisine with French influences.

This new restaurant doesn’t have a name just yet, but the owners currently have two names in mind.

More from Foobooz:

They’re deciding between two names: Bistro Neuf or Restaurant Neuf. The name Neuf, because “neuf” means 9 in French and the restaurant is on 9th Street—in the former location of Argentinian steakhouse 943.

The opening date is not definitive just yet. Lachman believes that they could be ready for a May-opening, whereas his husband and co-owner Bob is aiming more towards August. The anniversary of Noord’s opening is May 8, which was originally stated as a potential opening-date for this restaurant. So you can expect this new restaurant to open sometime this spring or summer. 

Since this location previously was the home of the restaurant 943, there apparently aren’t too many renovations to be done. According to Foobooz, Lachman says the changes being made are mostly aesthetic changes. This restaurant, unlike Noord, will have a liquor license, so they’re also building a bar, as well as a small seating area outside of the kitchen to allow those dining at the restaurant to see the chefs at work preparing their meals.

Based on the success of Noord, are you excited to try this new restaurant?