New “Rocky” movie filming tomorrow in the Italian Market

UPDATE: The Italian Market business association says the filming has been postponed with the new date to be determined.  


It looks like Rocky Balboa is at it again. Over the past few months, the new “Rocky” movie has been filming at various locations throughout the city, including a location on Dickinson St. just last month.

Rocky movie
Photo of the movie filming last month on Dickinson St.

Now the crew filming the new “Rocky” movie, titled “Creed,” is heading to the Italian Market.

On March 18 from 2 p.m. through midnight, you won’t be able to park in select portions of Bella Vista. The area includes the west side of 9th street between Washington Ave. and Christian St., both sides of Washington Ave. from 9th to 10th and both sides of Carpenter between 8th and 10th.

While it’ll be cool to see the streets of South Philly immortalized in yet another “Rocky” movie, it sure is an inconvenience for traffic patterns and parking in the neighborhood.

So don’t forget to move your car tomorrow–or else Rocky will have it towed.