Program reimburses commercial properties for security camera installation

While many businesses would like security cameras for the exterior of their location, cost deters many from purchasing and installing them.

A screen grab from the video
A screen grab from a surveillance video of a shooting at 17th and Wharton in July. 

The City of Philadelphia’s Business Security Camera Program is now allowing owners of commercial properties who install these cameras to receive up to a 50% reimbursement of the cost of the improvements to help make the streets safer and more monitored.

The program is eligible to the owners of commercially occupied properties, operating tenant businesses with approval from the property’s owner and also to established business associations and community-based organizations.

The maximum award that can be receieved by a single commercial property is $3000. There is no maximum reimbursement amount for business associations and community-based organizations installing multiple cameras in business districts.

In order to be granted this reimbursement for your business, you must first submit a proposal for approval by the Philadelphia Police Department. They must approve the location of the camera on your business and check to see if the proposed camera meets the standards for the program to receive the reimbursement.

The benefit of this program to the community is that it increases awareness in the area. All businesses who receive money for these cameras from this program must then register their cameras with the SafeCam program from the Police Department. This program will allow the police to check the cameras if a crime has been committed in the area, making it safer for the businesses and people in the neighborhoods.

If you’re interested in applying for this Business Security Camera Program, you can find more information about applying here.

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