P’unk Burger makes changes to menu, seating and more

A new burger joint called P’unk Burger opened in February at 1823 E. Passyunk Ave. in Chhaya’s former location.

Exterior photo from uwishunu.

After a few months in business, P’unk Burger is already making improvements to their menu, the establishment’s seating and more.

The restaurant, which was opened by Marlo and Jason Dilks, the owners of SliCE pizza shop at 10th and Federal, has evolved from an order-at-the-counter spot to a full-service restaurant with servers. So yes, you now have to wait to be seated.

More from Philadelphia Business Journal:

Trash cans in front of the room were removed since servers now take away plates — that left room to add more tables and seats. There are now 32 seats inside, up six seats.

Now full-service sidewalk seating is also available, offering customers another 12 seats outside.

Full-table service meant Dilks had to hire more employees. There are now about 15 employees: five in the kitchen and up to seven servers on the floor. Only seven people were employed at P’unk’s start.

Along with the new full-service setup and the additional seating indoors and outdoors, the restaurant has also increased the size of the burgers while decreasing the price. When the restaurant first opened, burgers were just 5 ounces and now they’ve been upped to 7 ounces. Other changes in the burgers include the option to choose how it’s cooked instead of simply being given a medium-cooked burger. 

In the beginning P’unk opened as just a dine-in or take-out spot. Now they’re also offering delivery through their own online delivery system which you can find here.

The restaurant will be starting partnerships with other East Passyunk Avenue businesses like Chhaya and Green Aisle Grocery sometime in June.

Have you checked out P’unk Burger yet? 

2 thoughts on “P’unk Burger makes changes to menu, seating and more

  • June 5, 2015 at 10:49 am

    haven’t been there yet, and now that it’s not takeout, I never will.

    • June 7, 2015 at 11:42 pm

      Huh? I think you misread. Originally, they were eat in or takeout. Now they’ve added delivery. It sounds like they still do takeout.

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