Update on Coeur, the new restaurant coming to 824 S. 8th St.

Earlier this year we told you about Coeur, the new restaurant from the owners of Memphis Taproom that would be opening in the former Mildred location at 824 S. 8th St.

The Mildred

Since initially telling you about the restaurant, we haven’t given much of an update. While there still isn’t a ton of info on the new spot, but we do know that the menu will be Montreal-inspired and they’re expected to open in September.

Last month Foobooz reported that Coeur purchased two giant rotisserie ovens for the restaurant’s Montreal-inspired menu. Now it looks like they’re working on hiring a kitchen staff, including an executive chef.

In case you’re not up-to-date on your French, “coeur” means heart.

It looks like they’re pretty much on track to open in September.