Grab some ‘Holy Wooder’ at P.O.P.E. during the pope’s visit

The Philadelphia Brewing Company is making their own holy water in the form of beer for the upcoming papal visit.


“Holy Wooder,” a Belgian-style Triple only available in a very limited quantity, is being made with the blessing of our own P.O.P.E.

More from Philadelphia Business Journal:

Barton said his team consulted with Dennis Hewlett, owner of The P.O.P.E, or The Pub on Passyunk East.

“We figured we had to have his blessing,” he said.

Holy Wooder will be ready in about two weeks and then become available for the brewery’s nearly 700 clients – including bars in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs – to purchase, he said.

In addition to drinking some “Holy Wooder,” you’ll also be able to pick up a special t-shirt at P.O.P.E. to commemorate Pope Francis’ visit.

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