7th Street getting 3 new eating options

The stretch of 7th Street between Tasker and Moore is getting some new eating options.

The new Mexican restaurant at 7th and Moore.

A new Mexican restaurant, a pizza and Mexican food takeout spot under new management and a “coming soon” sign on a former pizza shop are among the new options.

The takeout restaurant at 7th and Mountain is now open under new management. The spot, called Cocina South Philly Pizza, serves a variety of foods, ranging from pizza and burgers to quesadillas and cemita. The location is small and mostly just for takeout.

7th and Mountain

The “coming soon” sign on the former Pizza Place location at 7th and Morris has been there for a few months now. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about what will be opening in this spot.


Just across from the new “Language Labs” mural at 7th and Moore is a new Mexican restaurant. This restaurant, which opened about a week ago, is still finishing up some details, including an outdoor sign, takeout menus and more. Check back next week for photos of this new eat-in or take-out restaurant.


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  • August 21, 2015 at 10:54 am

    The Mexican spot at 7th and Moore is called Maribel Restaurant – went there earlier this week. Really good food – inside was clean and family working the grill were very proud of the menu. Thanks for writing this up!

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