Luncheonette could be coming to 20th and Reed

Construction began last year on a mixed-use building on a vacant lot at 20th and Reed.

Photo of the location from Naked Philly.

On the original application for zoning for the property, it was stated that it would be for a take-out restaurant. But now the owner of the property, Ruzdhi Karaj, is looking to open a luncheonette-type restaurant here.

A letter posted in the window of the location states that the 1,400 sq. ft. space on the first floor and basement of the building would be used for a luncheonette that would be open for breakfast and lunch and seat approximately 15 people.

More from Naked Philly:

The letter indicates that the developers are looking to open a luncheonette in this space. As you can see, the original application called for a take-out restaurant, but the proposed business will be a sit-down place for fifteen. We don’t have much more info on the restaurant at this time, but we know how to learn more.

We’ll update you once we know more about what could be coming to this space.