Trees around Jenks School improved with wood surrounds for tree beds, mulching

The trees surrounding the A.S. Jenks School at 2501 S. 13th St. are getting a bit of a facelift.

Photo from the LoMo Civic Association.

The Lower Moyamensing Civic Association has been working to improve the tree beds of 18 trees on the sidewalks surrounding the school.

Carol Urovsky, Terry Jack and Will Shuey made these improvements in late-August. 40 bags of mulch were used to give these two-year-old trees some much-needed care. In addition to the mulching, new wood surroundings were built to help define the tree beds better.

These new tree beds are definitely an improvement, but volunteers are still needed to help keep them clean. That means removing trash and dog poop (you haven’t forgotten about the Dog Shit Crusade, have you?). If you’re interested in volunteering for cleanups, reach out to the LoMo Civic Association.