Chester Arthur Elementary launches new art program, crowd-funding campaign

After years without an art program, Chester Arthur Elementary at 2000 Catharine St. is introducing art classes to the school again.

Picasso Arts Project at Arthur from Chester Arthur on Vimeo.

While the reintroduction of arts is a positive for the school, they still need help with funding and supplies for this new class.

Seeing that the school has a limited budget and supplies since there has been no arts program here for many years, the school is looking for donations. You can donate some of the necessary supplies, or some money to the crowd-funding campaign to support the new program.

The program’s teacher, Ms. Leila Lindo, is hoping to do projects that span a variety of mediums, ranging from murals to sculptures and other mixed-media.

Some of the supplies needed include tempera paints, modge podge, oil pastels, crayons, clay, paper cutters, drying racks and more.

If you’re interested in donating supplies to Friends of Chester Arthur, a non-profit organization raising money for the school, you can do so here.