Consignment boutique for sneakers opening at 12th and Passyunk

Earlier this year, Addiction Boutique closed at 1713 S. 12th St. and was replaced by a short-lived consignment shop called Jillayne’s Boutique. Hopefully the next place coming in here has better luck.

Jillayne's Boutique and Consignment
Photo of the location earlier this year.

In recent years, collecting sneakers has become a bit of a trend. The purpose of this new shop is to bring a variety of hard-to-find sneakers to one location.

This store will have an exhibit area for a special collection of sneakers each month, meet and greets with influential people in sneaker culture and possibly Q&As for those looking to learn more about the sneaker trend. They hope that their planned outreach to the community will separate themselves from the other sneaker shops similar to this in the city.

This building was part of the 3-building package at 12th and Passyunk, located next door to Palo Santo Wellness Boutique, that was sold earlier this year.

The owners say they’re hoping the grand opening for this new sneaker boutique will happen on Nov. 7.

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  • September 22, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    My 14-year old sneaker-head told me this last week. The owners have a HUGE social media following among sneaker collectors and have had a presence in the shoe convention world. I hope they do great!

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