Pope pizza boxes raise money for Southwark Elementary

Pope pizza boxes are one of many items for sale around the city for the papal visit this weekend. While they’re certainly an interesting novelty item, these boxes are also helping to raise money for a local school.


If you buy one of these pizza boxes (or, you know, the pizza that comes in the box from certain restaurants in the city), the proceeds from it will go to Southwark Elementary School.

More from the Courier-Post:

Designer of the box and marketing director Amanda Farese and Savona-Stavola Food Service will begin the fundraising program Monday. It will combine art, education and pizza, using the pizza box as a vehicle.

“This is an incredible and unique opportunity for our students and we are happy to be a part of it,” Southwark Principal Andrew Lukov said in a news release.

Farese said she chose to start with Southwark School for this project because she worked there as a Behavioral Health Worker for 4 years.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a pizza in one of these boxes, you can also just buy a pizza box or print from Amanda Farese’s Etsy page to support Southwark.