SS United States could be scrapped at the end of the month

The last update we gave you on the SS United States was in December 2014 when the ocean liner was deemed to be safe for the moment with preliminary plans for redevelopment.

New life for the SS United States? (Photo: James Jennings)
New life for the SS United States? (Photo: James Jennings)

Now things have changed, setting this massive ship towards the scrap yard yet again. If enough money isn’t raised by the end of the month, the SS United States will be no more.

A statement from the SS United States Conservancy states that, “despite considerable progress toward finding a permanent home and advancing viable redevelopment plans for America’s Flagship, the organization will be forced to sell the historic vessel to a responsible metals recycler by the end of October unless new donors or investors come forward.  The Conservancy has never been closer to saving the SS United States, nor so close to losing her.”

More from The New York Times:

It came down to hard numbers. The preservationists have struggled for years to raise the $60,000 a month it costs to dock and maintain the ship, known as the Big U, which is longer than three football fields and once sailed the Atlantic with three orchestras on board. A developer only recently started shaping plans to fill the ship with tenants, an undertaking of the kind that can stretch for years even when it is not this unusual.

In 2010, the ship was almost sold for scrap when a huge donation was made by Gerry Lenfest, which saved the ship from scrap for five years now. The ship’s future has never been definite, but plans for redevelopment have been discussed for projects including a hotel, a mixed-use development and a museum.

Want to help save this ship? You can donate some money to the cause here

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  • October 9, 2015 at 10:24 pm

    So sad to read of this… I really hoped this ship could be restored. So much history lost to a metal scrap yard…

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