Open Source mural being installed in Italian Market

As part of the Mural Arts Program’s Open Source public art initiative this month, new art installations are popping up throughout the city.

Photo of the mural’s progress, taken last week.

This new mural at 9th and League in the Italian Market is a piece by artist Heeseop Yoon, created using masking tape on Mylar.

This black and white piece was created with the inspiration of the Italian Market.

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Heeseop Yoon will create a large-scale public mural using her unique technique of rendering portraits of chaos using black masking tape on Mylar. Her mural will be shown in Philadelphia’s iconic Italian Market, where she will take a series of photographs and then create a composition based on objects and personal items found in the neighborhood. Yoon portrays society through humanity’s accumulation of objects and the resulting clutter of consumption. Her technique does not employ traditional materials such as brushes or paint, and thereby pushes the possibilities of muralism. 

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  • October 18, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    Saw this today in person and it is incredible!

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