Vare-Washington raising money for new garden beds

Want to help with the beautification of a neighborhood school?

Photo from Friends of Vare-Washington on Facebook.

Vare-Washington at 5th and Federal is raising funds for new raised garden beds for their student garden club.

Their current goal is to raise $600 for the project. As of the time of the publication of this post, they have raised a total of $196.

The money raised through this fundraising campaign will be used to purchase the necessary building materials for the garden beds. Once funds are raised, the garden beds will be built for the student garden club to use in the spring. Not only will this project help beautify the school and improve the neighborhood, it’s also a good project for the involvement of students and the community, as the students will be helping to plant and maintain the gardens.

You can find out more on the project’s gofundme page.