How do Passyunk’s restaurants stack up when it comes to health inspections?

Everyone knows that East Passyunk Avenue is a go-to spot for food in the city, with a diverse selection of restaurants, including 8 spots that have 3-bell ratings from The Inquirer‘s Craig Laban.


We know the food tastes great, but how do these places stack up from a health standpoint? According to’s Clean Plates, “restaurants in the enclave clock in at 1.6 foodborne-illness violations per visit from the city health department, compared to about 2.2 for the entire city.”

The article notes the good–Noord, Gennaro’s and Benna’s–and the not-so-good–China House No. 1, Pho 75 and La Fonda Deteresita Restaurant.

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Noord owner Joncarl Lachman showed Zenzola the fresh veggies he had just purchased from a nearby market for the day’s menu. His place has never been cited for a major health violation, but he shrugged off any suggestion that it requires a huge effort to live up to city standards.

Zenzola says one thing that helps is how tightknit the community is.

“I feel like I could go up to any of these owners if I saw something wrong and let them know about it,” Zenzola said. “I wouldn’t have to go to Yelp,” she said of the consumer rating site that has become a go-to place to complain about sanitation.

Mike Giammarino owns a couple restaurants in Philly and a famous one in New York City, that being Lombardi’s Pizza. He was finishing up renovations on a new sit-down restaurant, Grace and Pat’s, at 1533 E. Passyunk.

“Philadelphia is a pleasure as far as inspections go,” Giammarino said.

You can read more about the ratings of these restaurants here.