Spotted: Holiday-dressed concrete dinosaur statue with a social media presence

If you’ve walked down Carpenter Street between 6th and 7th Streets, you’ve probably seen this delightful little creature.


At first it might just seem to be a decorated concrete dinosaur statue outside of someone’s home, but as it turns out, it actually has a social media presence too.

This dinosaur statue is currently dressed in a holiday theme with a santa hat and a little bucket of goodies. The owners of this statue dress it up related to the season or holiday. Past costumes have included a turkey costume for Thanksgiving, a pope costume for the papal vist, a witch for halloween and more.


Popebot decided he needed to stop by last night before it gets real crazy around here #everyonelovesthedino #onepopetoanother

A photo posted by Robert Thomas Rex (@concretedino) on


According to the Instagram account, @concretedino, this stylishly dressed dinosaur goes by the name of Robert Thomas Rex. You can check him out on Facebook and Instagram

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