Buddhist monk fights back against robber at Sunoco at Broad and Catharine

This robber at the Sunoco gas station at Broad and Catharine should have a big helping of karma coming his way.

On January 3, this man stole a wallet filled with as much as $350 from a Buddhist monk. While the suspect did get away, this monk wasn’t ready to give up without a fight.

More from The Daily News:

The victim was at lottery machine, as can be seen on surveillance video, when the robber came up to his left side and stole his wallet, which contained $350, out of his hand, police said.

The monk immediately ran after the suspect and he was able to struggle with him outside of the store for a few moments before the much-larger robber pushed the monk to the ground.

If you recognize this suspect, you can contact the Philadelphia Police Department’s tip line at 215-686-8477.

One thought on “Buddhist monk fights back against robber at Sunoco at Broad and Catharine

  • January 13, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Yo!!!! Props to Buddhist Monk for trying to fight that big dude! I hope they get that crumb. And whats up with the crumb’s indecisiveness when he was parking his car? C’mon dude… Sketchy driver too.. What day in age is this though, where a security camera has such poor quality video that you can’t make out the license plate?!? And did that dude really use his turning signal while pulling out of the gas station?

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