Who can guess when the great Broad and Washington snow pile will melt?

As expected, the blizzard over the weekend left Philadelphia a mess. Now that major portion of the plowing has been completed, even on most of the smaller side streets, the city is returning to a level of normalcy.


With close to two feet of accumulations all around the city, where exactly did all of the snow go once it was plowed? It turns out Broad and Washington has become a snow mound destination for Philadelphia.

According to Philly.com, Mayor Kenney’s spokesperson stated that snow-dumping sites are distributed throughout the city, all on public property. While they didn’t confirm this Broad and Washington lot as an official city snow dumping location to keep private companies from putting snow here, an official from PIDC confirmed this lot as one of the city’s snow mounds.

Check out this aerial view of the lot by Michael Bryant for Philly.com.

The location of this snow pile is on the northeast corner of Broad and Washington, where that rumored Toll Brothers development is said to be in the works. The property is still owned by the Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development.

This Broad and Washington lot is said to have reached its capacity of snow, so any of the remaining white stuff is being brought to another undisclosed location, this one being somewhere on Passyunk Avenue.

How long do you think it will take for this massive snow mounds to melt?