Cantina’s chef to compete on Bravo network’s new cooking show

East Passyunk Avenue’s talents have been displayed on everything from Wheel of Fortune to the Food Network.

Photo from Yelp.

Now Cantina Los Caballitos is getting a closeup, with their chef de cuisine, Aila DeVowe, competing on Bravo’s “Recipe for Deception.”

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The latest in a string of competition-based reality TV cooking shows, “Recipe for Deception” has four chefs square off to feed two judges.  Sound familiar?  Nope, usually these shows have three judges.

The bigger difference is that the chefs have to figure out what their secret ingredient is while they still have time to feature it in their dish, and the judges have to figure out what the secret ingredient is based on what the dish features.

The episode, titled “To Each His Chicharrones,” will air on Thursday, February 4 at 10 p.m. DeVowe could win $10,000