Eddie Lang mural proposed for 7th and Fitzwater

At last week’s Bella Vista Neighbors Association membership meeting, a proposal was presented for a new mural for the southwest corner of 7th and Fitzwater.


The mural would depict Eddie Lang, the Philadelphia jazz guitarist of the 1920’s who passed away at his prime.

Richard Barnes, a photographer and member of a 1920’s-style band that plays tribute to artists like Lang, presented plans for this mural alongside Kathy Harris of the Mural Arts Program.

Since it is just in the proposal stage, an artist hasn’t been chosen just yet to create this piece, so the above photo simply shows the general idea for the mural. As you can see, the large portion of the mural is Lang, but with some smaller photos of things that relate to him, including Bing Crosby and the James Campbell School that stood at 8th and Fitzwater. This mural would pay tribute to Lang in the neighborhood he called home.


Once artist renderings are created and funding is in place, the mural should be completed by October for Mural Arts Month. Barnes would like to see it unveiled on October 25, which has been declared as Eddie Lang day in honor of his birthday.

One thought on “Eddie Lang mural proposed for 7th and Fitzwater

  • February 2, 2016 at 9:51 am

    Nice to learn about the history, I just purchased a home on South Perth St, just north of the former James Cambell school. I am fascinated by the amazing Jazz roots of the neighborhood, and will be looking to learn more, thanks!

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