Miss Rachel’s Pantry delights with communal dinners and mushroom bacon bits

Miss Rachel’s Pantry moved from their old location on West Passyunk Avenue (the now-home of Caffe Ida) to another location at 1938 S. Chadwick St. in 2015.

Miss Rachel's Pantry
Photo from Miss Rachel’s Pantry on Facebook.

This move prompted some changes. The vegan market now offers communal dinners on Saturdays with a six-course meal, along with meal delivery services, cooking classes and more. What else are you missing out on at Miss Rachel’s Pantry? According to Philly Mag, the mushroom bacon bits are a pretty big deal.

In this article, the writer expressed their delight with the entire establishment, but especially in the form of mushroom bacon bits that somehow, quite magically, taste like real bacon.

More from Be Well Philly:

The mushroom bacon wasn’t the only thing that stuck with me about my experience at Miss Rachel’s Pantry, though. There was so much about the space and the vibe and the food that, regardless of the bazillion Instagram photos I’d seen beforehand, I never would have noticed without actually going. First off, when you step into the tiny space, you instantly feel like you’ve been transported out of a residential block of rowhomes in South Philly into, well, a Pinterest board. Everything — from the tiny milk-jug-like jars used for water to the floral-printed paper straws sitting next to them to the “Hiya, Toots” sign on the wall — makes you feel like you’re in a charming small-town restaurant where all the food, including the pub cheese and the “whitefish” salad sitting in the to-go case, just happens to be vegan. In the roughly 90 minutes I spent there, I’m pretty sure I said “Ermahgod, I love it here” at least 864 times.

Philly Mag calls it the “vegan dinner I haven’t stopped thinking about for months,” so it must be worth the trip.

Have you been to Miss Rachel’s Pantry’s new location? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Miss Rachel’s Pantry delights with communal dinners and mushroom bacon bits

  • February 9, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    I LOVE this place–the food, the decor, the staff, EVERYTHING. I grab breakfast there during walk-in breakfast hours pretty much every weekend, and leave stuffed and happy.

  • February 12, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    LOVE this place.
    The weekend market is great, the Saturday night dinners are amazing and they do “meals for home” delivery that have saved me more than a few times. Great food, warm enviornment.

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