East Passyunk among the reasons for Philly being named as #1 tourist destination

Last week it was announced that Lonely Planet, a travel guide book publisher, named Philadelphia as the top tourist destination in the United States for 2016.

Plenty of Philadelphia’s historical aspects are shown in the video, but beyond that, some of South Philly’s hot spots were featured. What South Philly places were spotlighted?

You can see various spots along East Passyunk Avenue, in addition to a closer look at Noord. The bright green interior of Ramayana, the Indonesian eatery at 11th and Moore, also appears to be shown in the video.

What Lonely Planet had to say about Philly:

Visited by Pope Francis, hosting the Democratic National Convention in July, and freshly crowned as the US’s first and only World Heritage City (joining the ranks of Cairo, Paris and Jerusalem), Philly’s on a roll. NYC’s more neighborly neighbor is experiencing a transformation to its urban core, as many US cities are right now. Craft breweries? Check. Hot new locavore restaurants? Big check. But Philadelphia is steadfastly managing to retain its historic roots and gritty flavor, as well as its affordability – a pleasant surprise for a city so cosmopolitan and accessible. Hands up to the sky, Rocky fans: celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary in 2016 with a sprint up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.