Catch a play in a South Philly butcher shop this weekend

You may stop by Los Amigos Food Market at 9th and Christian for meat from the deli, or other odds and ends at the grocery, but what about for a play about the Mexican-American War?

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Chris Davis, a theater artists who has shopped at this market for six years, decided to put on a play in Raul Aguilar’s Italian Market shop.

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“It’s to combine theater and philanthropy,” said Davis, standing near the meat case watching the Tuesday evening audience come into the tight, tiled space (six people came). “Raul is a good friend. I’ve known Raul for six years. I think it’s exciting — I mean, look at all the meat.”

Davis wrote the play, “Juan-Winfield Escutia-Scott, or the Mexcian-American War, a Butcher’s Play,” specifically for this space, but so far has only been able to perform it in city parks, at a backyard party, and the SoLow Festival, a small festival of solo theater in Philadelpha.

You can catch the play at 8 p.m. on Friday, or at two different showings on Saturday. You can find out more and buy tickets here.