Garbage truck sprays hydraulic fluids on 3 houses

Last week a garbage truck left a part of one South Philly street an out-of-the-ordinary, sticky mess.

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While picking up trash at the end of February on the 1800 block of Camac St., a garbage truck began spewing hydraulic fluids, leaving an oily mess behind for cleanup at a few houses. Despite being caused by a city-owned truck, clean-up is being put in the hands of the neighbors.

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When it stops a, the back of the truck pops spraying hydraulic fluid all over cars, the sidewalk, front doors, and windows.  A few seconds later, another explosion of toxic fluid sweeps the streets.

“Hydraulic fluid is like brake fluid. It’s very acidic. If you get it on your skin you can burn pretty bad,” Justin Delborrello said.

Several neighbors were given this accident report by the Philadelphia Streets Department. But other than spreading down some chem dry, three nights later fluid still remains caked on windows and front doors.  And to make matters worse, according to a city claim form, residents may be responsible for any homeowner insurance deductibles.