Neumann-Goretti receives $300,000 grant for transformation of high school

With a new president in charge at Neumann-Goretti High School, last year it was announced that changes would be coming to make the transformation into a college prep school. For all of the proposed changes to be implemented, the school needed a large sum of money.

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Neumann-Goretti has now received a $300,000 grant from the Philadelphia School Partnership to continue to move forward with that vision and provide assistance to begin closing the academic achievement gap.

The Philadelphia School Partnership previously provided a planning grant for the development of a strategy for the transformation of the school. Now this new grant money will act as a turnaround to implement the early stages of the plans for the school.

This money will support the school’s plans to increase the effectiveness of teachers, to launch student interventions for struggling individuals and to build a system for using data to inform instructional strategies. Neumann-Gorettis has also hired a new Assistant Principal for Transformation, Genevieve Torres.  

To begin closing the achievement gap at the school, a new program is being implemented. This will include the adoption of the Common Core aligned assessments and the elimination of the Catholic high school “tracking” system. This will bring more access to college preparatory and honors and advanced placement programs.