Greenworks hosting meeting at Columbus Square on future city sustainability plans

Greenworks started in 2009 as an initiative from the City of Philadelphia to implement a sustainability plan for the city. It was meant to expire in 2015, but now the Office of Sustainability is working to update it to continue forward with green improvements for Philadelphia.

Green City, Clean Waters improvements throughout the city.

Are you interested in helping with green improvements in Philadelphia? You can find out more about the future of Greenworks at an upcoming discussion-based meeting at Columbus Square Park.

Some of the goals over the past eight years have included things like reducing citywide energy consumption, using alternative energy resources, improve stormwater management through Green City, Clean Waters and plenty more.

While plenty has been done, there is much more to be improved upon. At this meeting you’ll be able to share your thoughts on how this program can better cater to the community in your area. Your feedback can help create more programs and initiatives to continue moving forward towards a greener city.

If you’re interested in reading more about the improvements made since 2009, you can see the full report from Greenworks here.

The meeting is being held at Columbus Square at 12th and Wharton on Wednesday, April 20 at 6:30 p.m. You can RSVP to the meeting here. Can’t attend but still want to give feedback? You can fill out this online survey.