PHS pop-up garden to return to South Street West for a third year

Last year South Philly was lucky enough to have two pop-up gardens, one at 9th and Wharton and one on South Street West.

Photo of last year’s South Street West pop-up.

For 2016, we’ll only be seeing one of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gardens in our neighborhoods. The South Street West garden next to Jamaican Jerk Hut at 1438-46 South St. will be returning for a third year of summer fun.

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15th and South streets will be a PHS pop-up garden for the third year in a row. PHS returns to the same location as last year’s South Street garden, on the west side of Jamaican Jerk Hut.

While not in South Philly’s boundaries, the second pop-up garden being planned by PHS is pretty exciting. Thanks to a $360,000 grant, the Rail Park at the base of the Reading Viaduct at 10th and Hamilton Streets will be transformed, creating a useable community space there.