What you need to know for tomorrow’s primary election

Tuesday, April 26 marks an important day for Pennsylvania: the primary election.

I-voted-stickers-Philly-AP-600We all know that we’re voting for the presidential candidates for the big ticket in November, but what else do you need to know for polling day?

In addition to Clinton and Sanders for Democrats and Trump, Cruz and Kasich for Republicans, there are a number of other seats to be voted for. You’ll also be voting for seats in the US senate and congress, the state house and senate, the Attorney General and others. There’s plenty you should know before voting tomorrow.

For each election Philly Mag releases their “No-Bullshit Guide.” This election is no exception. You can read about all of the candidates, important information on them and their stances on certain issues here. According to Philly Mag, it’s “everything you need to know.” Billy Penn also shared their “Procrasinator’s guide” to the election as another easy to digest resource.

Do you need to know your polling location? You can find out here.