Sit and Spin’s former location at 9th and Reed now home to Ever Laser Design studio

After about two years located at 9th and Reed, Sit and Spin Records made the move from Passyunk Square to West Passyunk.


The record store’s former location is now home to a new business. A studio for Ever Laser Design, a custom laser printing business from Lexi Eveleth, opened about two months ago in this storefront.

Ever Laser creates custom laser printing, mostly for home and wedding decor, along with signage for businesses.

Eveleth mentioned that she’s still working to improve the exterior of the location, mostly with a new coating of paint to cover up Sit and Spin’s old signage.


This is not a retail storefront for you to stop in and shop, but if you’re interested in purchasing from Ever Laser, you can find more information on the company’s Facebook page.